How Trance Affects Consciousness

Everyone talks about music, parties and loads of elements that surround the trance culture in Israel and around the world but when was the last time you stopped to examine its effects on you more deeply? With a rich background and impressive past in the field and understanding in the field, our waves compose for you a poignant opinion piece that will explain to you in an abstract and fascinating way how the trance affects our consciousness, fun reading.

Trance music has been known to us mainly over the last three decades, but in fact, trance is tribal music that has been at its core for thousands of years. In many cultures of the world, using different instruments and rhythms has been an integral part of spiritual rituals, alternative healing processes, and a path to conscious influence. Listening to music for these purposes has brought ancient civilians to a state known as “trance”. Trance is a state of consciousness in which a person temporarily loses consciousness, or according to popular belief – he connects to higher levels of consciousness and disconnects his consciousness from the physical world.

Today, trance music is not associated with a particular culture, it is global and capable of connecting people from different ends in the world – even without speech. As trance music has no words just sounds, so too are humans able to connect to each other only through music. The trance is usually not played in tribal ceremonies but at nature parties or clubs, but the trance still has a spiritual and emotional impact on the found glacier.

To understand in the simplest way how the trance affects a person, one must know the different parts of consciousness: mind, emotion and soul. These three parts are the main parts that make up a person’s consciousness. Consciousness is the spiritual part that encompasses the desires, aspirations, beliefs, feelings and imaginations of each person throughout life. The trance music can affect each of these parts differently.

The effects of the trance on the mind

According to many spiritual teachings, the mind is the essential part of consciousness. It expresses all the usual habits and behaviors in daily life. The mind also expresses physical needs, sexual desire, physical desire for drug use, eating, and so on. The mind is the lowest part of consciousness and therefore it signifies the lower body – the legs. The way to dance trance is usually referred to as “excavation” since the legs dance in the form of digging pits in the ground.

This consciousness stage symbolizes the foundation of the earth, the connection to nature, the passions and the way of life that a human being walks. People who find it difficult to connect to the ground, who have negative habits or unbalanced physical needs, will usually listen to the trance with the need to complete what they lack – the ground. The rhythms and the way of dance connect them back to nature and to the consistent dance, step by step just like the digging action.

The effects of trance on emotion

The emotion is a higher part and the organ that symbolizes it is the heart. The trance styles that affect the intensity of emotions will most often be combined with vocals or live musical instruments. While listening to a trance, speech is not needed, when a person speaks he activates his brain, the brain interferes with emotion and puts boundaries. Out of silence and the need to use words, the feeling of connection to the moment increases. Usually a person does not allow himself to experience the moment,He is constantly busy with his future or his past – whether he fears the future or regrets the past, thus missing the given moment. Listening to a trance is capable of bringing one’s emotion into a full-on experience of the moment, the trance allows one to connect to one’s emotion and be inner quiet since the mind does not limit emotions, just as the trance music is sounds that are not limited to words.

The Influence of the Trance on the Soul

The soul is the highest part of consciousness that comes to man as long as it exists in his physical body, (some people believe that after death there are higher stages of consciousness). The soul symbolizes the part of consciousness that connects to the spiritual frequencies of trance music, to the frequencies of healing and spirituality. The soul does not signify an organ but an inner power, a conscious function and it – the imagination.For example, trance styles that bring new sounds and unfamiliar rhythms are: Fusion, Dark, Forrest, Finney, certain Goa styles, Dove Passes and the like. Listening to these trance styles will give rise to a connection to the imagination, and knowing a connection between the imagination and thought and desires can create a whole reality.

In conclusion, trance music is capable of affecting three major states of human consciousness. One of the important energetic laws is who created the music. According to all ancient traditions, a person is influenced by all his senses – the sense of hearing also affects his thoughts and consciousness. The artist who creates the music energetically transmits to the listeners his directions of thought, emotions and imaginations. Maybe after reading this article you want to know more about the artists you hear, so take a deep breath and remember that ultimately good music is just good music, and what matters is how much you enjoy it.

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