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I dance like crazy moving my hands from side to side like I’m an airplane, next to me a guy with a unicorn painting on the body swinging his hair from side to side wearing psytrance shoes and next to him a girl with pink hair, that’s the team on the left speaker.

We all do only what we deserve and the beauty with our psychedelic culture that none of us judge, in every club in the the world at best we would get a host of disparaging looks and fears around us and in the worst case we would just not come in, certainly not the unicorn.

But that’s the atmosphere at a trance party, be you, dress the way you like, wear psytrance shoes dance the way you like, sit on the sidelines, run around the square, play frisbee or just talk to a friend, in any case no one will judge you.

The cynics will say it’s because of the drugs, but I think it’s just a welcoming and non-judgmental atmosphere that even if someone who took nothing sticks to her and does not look scornfully at the others, there is love and acceptance of each other

 you can smile at a girl and she is not honest think you start with her, you will smile back Just because she is a nice person, 

you can be in the yard for eight hours straight or just sit in Canteen with friends and talk and everything 

is fine you own nothing to anyone, you can be dead or sage completely and no one will care as long as you respect the environment Respect you.

We wish the whole world was a little more than a trance party, that we could really be us without feeling judged all the time, 

a world where the environment doesn’t force us to be the same, dance the same and dress the same, a world where being weird is a compliment and not a curse.

Live and let live, a lot of people say, but only one community I know really executes.

we all deserve the colorful wear of psytrance clothe you can find also wome’s wear & men’s wear in our website we making sure that we collect the best for you !

Thanks to all for making sure that we are reminded that our expansions are mostly made up of heart people.

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